Dissolve launches Dissolve for a Cause, offering free clips for pro bono projects

Program supports studios and agencies who are fighting bias or raising awareness of worthy causes

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, has launched Dissolve for a Cause, a new program that provides up to $2,500 in free clips for video projects related to charity, awareness, truth, and good. Studios and agencies can apply for the program at

“In our social streams of bubbles and bias, where facts are politicized or denied, and complex issues unfairly simplified, it can be difficult to separate truth from trash,” says Jonathan Parker, Brand Director at Dissolve. “We wanted to do something to help people who are fighting the good fight, by supporting them with professional clips that will enhance their videos, help them tell better stories, and help them get their messages heard by a wider audience.”

To promote Dissolve for a Cause, Dissolve has created its own video, Frame a Better World. The video explores how the combination of words and images can cast shadows of fear, doubt, and otherness — or shine beams of hope, opportunity, and empathy. It explores how labels can be used to stereotype, scapegoat, and charge simple gestures, like taking a knee, with political meaning.

The Dissolve for a Cause program is open to studios and agencies doing unpaid (pro bono) work for registered charities and good causes. Video creators can find out more about the program and apply at Dissolve for a Cause.


Dissolve’s new exclusive stock footage collections draw from the work of professional cinematographers

New house brand collections help video creators more easily discover and license the most stylish and relevant clips by Dissolve’s exclusive contributors

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, today announced the launch of three new premium stock footage collections, Dissolve Filmmaker™, Dissolve Auteur™, and Dissolve Elements™. The clips are available now for licensing and use in movie, TV, and commercial projects.

The Dissolve Filmmaker and Auteur collections gather the most aesthetically original and stylish clips from the company’s exclusive contributors. The Elements collection comprises a broad range of must-have clips to fill to set the scene or fill in story gaps.

The collections compile the output of hundreds of contributors into house brands that embody Dissolve’s standards of originality, quality, and relevance, and make the clips easier to search, browse, and review.

“With so much stock footage on the market, it can be hard for video editors to find clips that are not only topical and relevant, but beautifully shot as well,” says George Georgeadis, content manager at Dissolve. “The Auteur and Filmmaker collections represent the cream of the crop stylistically, while the Elements collection is a go-to scene toolkit for our customers’ most frequent editing needs.”

Two years in the making, the collections grew out of Dissolve’s exclusive contributor program, Liftoff. The Liftoff program was designed to attract professional filmmakers, producers, and cinematographers who have never shot stock or who have no time to review and edit their footage into licensable form. Less than 10% of applicants are accepted.

The Dissolve Filmmaker collection gathers clips representing the pinnacle of commercial appeal. Whether shot handheld or with sophisticated rigs, the clips are unified by exceptional cinematography, art direction, and composition. Subjects and scenes are selected with today’s video storyteller in mind, avoiding clichés while addressing relatable and aspirational lifestyle themes. The collection has launched with over 12,000 clips, 90% of which are royalty-free, and is available now at

The Dissolve Auteur collection presents the most personal, creative, and forward-thinking visions of talented cinematic artists, often with distinctive, signature styles in art direction and camera movement. Inspired by the leading edge of feature films, international fashion, and fine art, these clips can add bold visual impact to high-profile projects. The collection has launched with just over 600 clips – in keeping with its highly curated philosophy, it’s more about quality than quantity. The collection is available now at

The Dissolve Elements collection offers a versatile range of essential clips for busy video editors: establishing shots, landscapes and cityscapes, scenes of nature and wildlife, aerials and timelapses. The collection includes 31,000 royalty-free clips. The collection is available now at


Dissolve and Co.Create team up for a new round of Scenes You’ve Seen

Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition levels up the challenge in this popular series

Fast Company’s Co.Create and Dissolve today released the first of a three-part collaboration that will unroll over the next month. Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition is a twist on Dissolve’s popular Scenes You’ve Seen series. In addition to guessing the three movies recreated with stock footage from Dissolve, viewers must also guess which actor appeared in all three.

“When we first saw Dissolve’s great ongoing series Scenes You’ve Seen, in which the stock video firm recreates blockbuster movies scenes using clips from its vast collection of stock footage, it was love at first click,” says Jeff Beer of Co.Create. “After a few passionate yet crudely worded fan letters, a carrier pigeon message, three phone calls, and a Google Hangout session, they agreed!”

Game Edition 2 will be released on November 8, and Game Edition 3 on December 6.

Watch them all

Read the full story on Co.Create

A division of Fast Company, Co.Create is a daily exploration of creativity in the converging worlds of branding, entertainment, and tech. The site serves up daily inspiration from creative people and the films, shows, ad campaigns, apps, games, music, and other things they make. The Co.Create team also goes behind the work and gets into the guts of creativity — exploring the creative process and the bigger issues around how people, companies, and industries are making creative ideas happen.

Dissolve to add renowned rights-managed photography collections, solidifying premium position in commercial stock image market

Move into rights-managed photography provides greater originality and exclusivity to customers, and an alternative distribution channel to Getty Images for high-end contributors

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, today announced it will add over 50,000 premium rights-managed (RM) commercial photographs to its site at The photos will be live on the site on June 1.

“This move positions Dissolve as one of the few major stock distributors, along with Getty Images, to offer both commercial rights-managed photography and footage,” says Aaron Booth, director of content at Dissolve. “More and more customers are looking for clips and photos they can’t get anywhere else – and that their audience won’t have seen everywhere else – and ones that don’t look like they’re royalty-free or subscription-based.”

Brands represented will include Millennium, contemporary images influenced by fine-art photography; Cultura, lifestyle images with a unique point of view; and Pacific Stock, a nature-focused collection specializing in photography from Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region.

Because these distinctive – often one-of-a-kind – rights-managed photographs may be licensed exclusively (by territory or industry), they’re ideal for uses where something “recognizably stock” would be unacceptable – such as flagship brand collateral like corporate home pages, Fortune 500 advertising campaigns, large outdoor buys, and layouts in major magazines or media outlets. All images are cleared for commercial use. Upon request, Dissolve’s researchers can also provide license history for the images, by industry, medium, and geography, for further competitive peace of mind.

The images may also be licensed for specific uses, such as presentation media or regional use, at a much lower cost.

On the contributor side, this move offers a new major distribution outlet for rights-managed photographers whose assets were left homeless after Visual China Group’s acquisition of Corbis earlier this year. (Other major stock providers, such as Shutterstock and Adobe, do not offer rights-managed images or footage.)

“Though we are launching with collections from established agencies, some of which have been around for decades, we’re open to contributions from individual photographers,” says George Georgeadis, product manager at Dissolve. “We’re keenly interested in speaking with anyone looking to be part of Dissolve’s quality-focused collection.”

After the launch on June 1, the company will continually add curated selections of RM images that adhere to its high standards of topical relevance and aesthetic quality.

This Is a Generic Brand Video nominated for a Webby Award

Dissolve’s popular video nominated for Best Branded Content in the 20th Annual Webby Awards

Dissolve is thrilled to announce that This Is a Generic Brand Video has been nominated for Best Branded Content in the Advertising & Media category in the 20th Annual Webby Awards.

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. IADAS, which nominates and selects The Webby Award Winners, is composed of Web industry experts, including Tumblr founder, David Karp; Executive Creative Director at Refinery29, Piera Gelardi; musicians Questlove & Grimes; Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram, Eva Chen; Twitter Co-Founder, Biz Stone; Jimmy Kimmel; and creator of the .gif file format, Steve Wilhite.

Released in 2014, This Is a Generic Brand Video immediately resonated with the advertising and marketing industry … and everybody who has ever watched generic ads. It has been featured by many major news, advertising, and creativity sites, including Time, Mashable, Fortune, Fast Company, Advertising Age, and Adweek. It earned a Vimeo Staff Pick and, in 2015, won the Shorty Award for Best in B2B. To date, This Is a Generic Brand Video has more than 2.6 million views across Vimeo and YouTube.

“Nominees like Dissolve are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the almost 13,000 entries we received this year.”

“We’re always trying to create effective ads that both showcase our stock footage clips and entertain people,” says Jon Parker, Brand Director at Dissolve. “The Webby Award nomination is a validation that we’ve made something inherently watchable; something that’s not merely an ad but a little slice of popular culture worth celebrating.”

This Is a Generic Brand Video is also eligible to win a Webby People’s Voice Award, which is voted online by fans across the globe. Fans of the Generic Brand Video can cast their vote until April 21, 2016.

Winners will be announced on April 26, 2016, and honored at a star-studded ceremony on May 16 at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York City. There they will have an opportunity to deliver one of The Webby Awards’ famous 5-Word Speeches. Past 5-Word Speeches include: Steve Wilhite’s “It’s Pronounced “Jif” not ‘Gif’; Stephen Colbert’s “Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”; and Björk ‘s “A E I O U.”

About The Webby Awards

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, Online Film & Video, Advertising & Media, Mobile Sites & Apps and Social. Established in 1996, The Webby Awards received nearly 13,000 entries from 65 countries and nearly all 50 states this year. The Webby Awards is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: Vitamin T, Shocase, Engine Yard, Code and Theory, Advertising Age, and Google.


Dissolve introduces the Liftoff collection — footage fueled by passion

Premium collection available exclusively at Dissolve

Stock footage and photography company Dissolve is pleased to introduce Liftoff, a thoughtfully assembled footage collection drawn from the professional and personal work of talented filmmakers and production studios.

The Liftoff collection includes footage originally shot for a variety of projects — commercial spots, narrative films, documentaries, travelogues, and experimental cinematography. In other words, not necessarily shot for stock. The result is a stylish collection of cinematic work.

“Our customers are major advertising agencies, film studios, and production houses. They need exceptional content for their film and video projects,” says Brian Novy, director of sales for Dissolve. “The Liftoff collection delivers that — exclusive video content from fresh filmmaking talents who are bringing a cinematographer’s eye to stock.”

The collection is born of Dissolve’s Liftoff program, which it has been offering to exclusive contributors for two years. Qualifying footage must first adhere to a few criteria, including having all releases and meeting overall quality and style standards. Dissolve’s in-house production team then edits, color grades, and creates the metadata for the video clips, at no cost to filmmakers.

“Our team reviews hundreds of hours of footage,” says George Georgeadis, Dissolve’s manager of products and creator of the Liftoff program. “We edit only the most useful and inspiring scenes into royalty-free and rights-managed clips our customers can license for their own work.” Currently, there are more than 30,000 video clips, with thousands more being added every month.

The Liftoff collection distills the personality and passion of its creators into an essential post-production resource that’s ready for use in commercial work. And it’s available exclusively from Dissolve.

See the Liftoff collection.

Dissolve introducing its free Liftoff™ program for filmmakers at NAB 2016

Service offers free editing, color, and metadata for exclusive contributors

Stock footage and photography company Dissolve will be introducing its popular Liftoff program to filmmakers at NAB 2016.

Liftoff is designed for busy filmmakers and production companies considering a hassle-free way to get into stock footage licensing — and those who have never considering getting into the stock business. “Many filmmakers have so much footage languishing on hard drives,” says George Georgeadis, manager of products for Dissolve and Liftoff’s creator. “Licensing it as stock is a great way to give that footage new life, plus generate revenue.”

The Liftoff program is available to exclusive contributors who aren’t selling stock footage elsewhere. They simply send Dissolve their hard drives or upload raw footage for review. Dissolve’s production team edits that footage into commercially viable clips, performs color correction and processing, provides keywords and metadata, and publishes the clips to — at no cost.

“Filmmakers love it because they can send us footage they don’t have time to process themselves,” says Georgeadis. “Typically, this is content they’ve already shot for their own projects: documentaries, travelogues, commercial spots, narrative films. In other words: not for stock.”

“Liftoff allows me to focus on doing what I love and do best,” says filmmaker Ryan Bouman. “The team at Dissolve respects my wishes for how my footage is presented and supports me as a filmmaker. It’s a great partnership. I can keep being a creative professional — and have a roof over my head at the same time!”

Liftoff isn’t simply an end-to-end production system for contributors. Starting this summer, clips from the program will be promoted to stock footage buyers under the Liftoff brand name as a premium collection fueled by the passion of its creators. “It’s a great time to join Dissolve and get in on the Liftoff program,” says Georgeadis.

For more information about Liftoff, visit

Visit us at NAB
Dissolve will be at booth #C7046 in Central Hall. Attending are Dissolve’s director of products, Aaron Booth, along with George Georgeadis and Lori Burwash, Dissolve’s communications lead.

Dissolve featured on Canada’s national news business show

CBC’s The Exchange features Dissolve in its “Beyond Oil” series

CALGARY — Stock footage and photography company Dissolve was the recent subject of The Exchange’s “Beyond Oil” series. This five-part series produced by Canada’s national news network profiles Alberta businesses that have nothing to do with oil and gas in a region dominated — and hit hard — by the energy industry.

President Patrick Lor spoke to host Bruce Sellery about Dissolve, the local media sector, the effects of the economic downturn, and the role of irreverence in Dissolve’s marketing.

Stock footage company Dissolve launches premium royalty-free photography collection

Quality is the focus as company expands into multi-billion dollar market segment

CALGARY — Stock footage provider Dissolve has launched its premium royalty-free stock photography collection. It includes over 200,000 photos hand-picked from some of the world’s most acclaimed photography agencies, bringing the number of stock elements Dissolve licenses to over 1 million.

“We’re building a collection to serve the needs of our advertising and creative customers, who are looking for fresh, culturally relevant, lifestyle-oriented stock photos,” says Aaron Booth, Dissolve’s Director of Products. “We’ll be growing the collection steadily but very selectively, keeping the focus on quality, so buyers don’t have to sift through page after page of irrelevant or dated images.”

Stock photography is a natural complement to Dissolve’s product mix. The company was founded by former senior employees of Getty Images, Corbis, and Adobe, who have extensive experience building and marketing stock-image libraries.

“With the addition of stock photography, Dissolve consolidates its position as a key resource for today’s digital storyteller or graphic designer,” says Patrick Lor, CEO of Dissolve. “Our team has unparalleled experience building stock collections that become essential resources for creative work.”

The collection launches with images selected from five well-established stock photo agencies: Hero Images, Blend Images, Image Source, Maskot Images, and Cultura. Every image is licensed under a flexible royalty-free agreement that allows unlimited reuse, and includes model and property releases. Images are priced at USD $49, $299, and $499, depending on resolution.

Key demographics pictured in the collection include families at home and at play, kids and teenagers at school, and seniors living healthy lifestyles. The collection also includes tens of thousands of up-to-date business images that reflect the way people dress and interact — with each other or through mobile devices. While the bulk of the collection features human models, sophisticated wildlife, nature, and scenic photography is also part of the mix. Find out more about the collections or browse them all at

Stock photography on Dissolve is offered via the existing website at through a simple, easy-to-use search interface. As with its footage offering, Dissolve also offers free research to photo customers who don’t have time to search. The photo collection is also part of the Dissolve Priority™ program, a service that saves agencies time and effort by giving them fast image research, 30-day invoicing, and access to unwatermarked comps.

Image-licensing industry veterans of Dissolve expand offering to include photography

Footage licensing company will draw upon experienced leadership to expand its offering into multi-billion dollar market segment

CALGARY — Stock footage provider Dissolve announces it will add royalty-free photography to its creative offering on October 1 of this year. The move comes after two years of steady revenue growth and a burgeoning reputation in the footage-licensing market.

“We’ve helped thousands of production studios and advertising and creative agencies enhance their work with exceptional stock footage,” says Aaron Booth, Director of Products for Dissolve. “Because they’ve been impressed by our quality, selection, and research services, customers have been asking if we license stock photography as well. We’re pleased to announce the addition of photography to complement their video-based work and advertising campaigns.”

Dissolve is well-positioned to have a significant impact in the space, which has a yearly global revenue estimated at between $2.5B and $4.0B. The company was founded by former senior employees of Getty Images, Corbis, and Adobe, who have extensive experience building and marketing stock-image libraries.

The photography category will be launched with more than 200,000 royalty-free stock images. In keeping with Dissolve’s quality-first approach, the collection will consist of premium images from some of the world’s best commercial photo agencies and contributors.

“We’ll be providing high-value photography that our customers frequently request — professionally art-directed lifestyle images, model- and property-released conceptual images, and state-of-the-art scenic, travel, and aerial shots,” says Booth.

Photography on Dissolve will be offered via the existing website at and will leverage the same simple, easy-to-use search interface that’s used for footage. Users may search by subject matter, concept, or contributor. Dissolve will also offer free image research to photo customers — an unusual move in an increasingly self-serve licensing market.

“We’ve made a name for ourselves by offering free research to busy video editors. We speak their language and have the resources to find the clips they need when they simply don’t have time to search for themselves,” says Anne Dawson, Director of Operations. “Since our team also has deep experience in image licensing, we’re looking forward to offering the same level of research for photography.”

The photo contributors will be announced on October 1, with the launch of the photography collection.

Dissolve and Skillshare team up to offer a free class on creative storytelling with stock video

NEW YORK — Continuing its commitment to helping today’s visual creatives tell better stories with better footage, Dissolve has teamed up with Skillshare to offer a free class on creative storytelling with stock video.

In this 60-minute class, Dissolve designer and video editor Nikki Stephens covers a range of topics, including:

  • brainstorming ideas
  • developing your story
  • using stock video to add emotion, show what you’re saying, and fill in gaps
  • finding the perfect clips
  • editing them to tell an awesome story

This class is ideal for brand marketers, newcomers to video, or burgeoning visual storytellers.

“We love Skillshare, especially its vision of unlocking creativity,” says Dissolve’s creative director, Sheldon Popiel. “It meshes nicely with our goal of empowering visual storytellers with footage that helps them tell a better story. We hope this class helps video keeners create their own amazing stories!”

The Skillshare community includes more than 850,000 students in more than 180 countries. “Creating this free class with Dissolve furthers Skillshare’s mission to provide universal access to learning for today’s creators,” says Skillshare producer Alyssa Demirjian. “Technology has made it so easy for everyone to watch video. This short class takes that even further, helping everyone create engaging video stories of their own — whether for a creative project, board meeting, or even a short film. This was so much fun to work on together.”

Find out more about Creative Storytelling with Stock Video and enroll for free.


About Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community for creators, on a mission to provide universal access to learning. Anyone can take online classes, watch video lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves. Browse all Skillshare’s classes.

“This Is a Generic Brand Video” wins the 2015 Anvil Award for Self-Promotion

CALGARY — In a ceremony at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, Alberta, on April 17, “This Is a Generic Brand Video” was awarded the Anvil in the category of Self-Promotion.

Presented annually by the Ad Rodeo Association, the Anvil Awards celebrate creative excellence in Calgary’s advertising community. This year, there were 39 categories, and the judges were selected from among the top agencies in Canada and the U.S.:

  • Helen Pak, President and COO of Havas Worldwide Canada
  • Jason White, Executive Creative Director of Leviathan
  • Aaron Wiggan, Group Strategy Director at Droga5
  • Rob Tarry, Creative Director at Rethink Vancouver
  • Sanya Grujicic, Senior Copywriter at SID LEE

“We admit it was odd — a stock footage company making a video parodying stock footage,” says Jon Parker, Dissolve’s brand director. “But it turned out to be the best ad we could have made for ourselves. We love how the advertising community has embraced it as their own cautionary tale. We’re happy to be part of their worst-case scenario.”

This is the second Anvil a Dissolve video has won. Last year, “Analog: The Heart of Fratello Coffee” won for Best Videography.

Thank you to Ad Rodeo and the judges for the honor (and the great night).

See all the Anvil 2015 winners.

Dissolve creates music video for Paul Brandt’s latest single, “Nothing”

NEW YORK — Dissolve is excited to announce its collaboration with country music star Paul Brandt on his latest single, “Nothing.”

Since debuting his first single in 1996, Paul has won numerous awards from the Junos, the Canadian Country Music Association, CMT, and other music communities. Dissolve founder and CEO Patrick Lor met Paul through a mutual friend at a concert in 2013, in their hometown of Calgary. They got talking about Paul’s new songs, and Dissolve’s new clips, and one thing led to another. How could Dissolve’s clips help complement Paul’s famously honest and heartfelt songs? Brandt’s single “I Do,” written for a friend’s wedding, reached #2 on the Billboard singles chart.

“Nothing,” Brandt’s new single, is a bittersweet, nostalgic tribute to the dreamy days of young love, when all you needed was each other. It’s a universal message that almost everyone can relate to.

To illustrate its message in video form, Dissolve art director Drew Ng-How-Tseung montaged clips of people in love, and visual metaphors of youth and freedom. Shooting such a wide variety of subjects, locations, and situations as custom footage would have cost a fortune in travel, models, and location costs — showing the power of stock footage to add high production values, while saving video producers time and effort.

The video is rounded out with custom footage of Brandt singing in front of a white background, shot by Dissolve’s in-house filmmaker, George Georgeadis.

“Working creatively with Dissolve was amazing — they’re pros,” says Brandt. “Beautiful footage helps create compelling stories. They did an awesome job of making something out of Nothing.”

See and license clips used.
Visit Paul’s official site.

“This Is a Generic Brand Video” wins the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in B2B

NEW YORK — Dissolve is proud to announce that “This Is a Generic Brand Video” won the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in Business to Business. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content across the social web.

Based on a piece by Kendra Eash on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “This Is a Generic Brand Video” quickly took off when it was published on March 21, 2014. Major news, design, and advertising sites raved about it, including TIME, Fast Company, Ad Age, Adweek, Mashable, Boing Boing, and Gizmodo. The video also earned Dissolve its first Vimeo Staff Pick.

“The minute we read Kendra’s poem, we knew we needed to make that video,” says Jon Parker, brand director at Dissolve. “We saw it as a funny way to promote our stock footage, but we knew it was also a bold move. Happily people got it. We’re thrilled the Shorty Awards did too.”

A year later, “This Is a Generic Brand Video” continues to be shared on the Internet, shown at conferences around the world, and used in thinkpieces as a warning to companies. Between YouTube and Vimeo, it has over 2.2 million views.

See all the 2015 Shorty Award winners. The awards ceremony will be held April 20 in New York City. For more information, visit the Shorty Awards website.

Dissolve signs FootageBank as an exclusive contributor — adding over 80,000 video clips to its exclusive collection

NEW YORK — Dissolve is pleased to announce it has signed FootageBank as an exclusive contributor. Now, more than 80,000 rights-managed FootageBank video clips are available at

This agreement reflects Dissolve’s mission to build a robust collection of exclusive video content. “Our customers are savvy media producers,” says Aaron Booth, Dissolve’s Director of Products. “They want fresh content, content they’re not going to see anywhere else. With its carefully curated, eclectic library, FootageBank fits the bill perfectly.”

FootageBank has been in the stock footage business since 2002, supplying large-format and HD footage to television, theatrical, and corporate media buyers. Its collection features the work of award-winning media producers, cinematographers, and production companies, including one-of-a-kind content from 70mm film shoots and big-budget television productions.

“For years, we’ve been working with the film and television industry. Our relationship with Dissolve significantly broadens that reach,” says Paula Lumbard, founder of FootageBank. “We love Dissolve’s creative approach to the business and their like-minded focus on high-quality video content.”

This agreement brings the total number of royalty-free and rights-managed clips available for licensing at Dissolve to over half a million. “You can expect to see that number grow substantially this year,” says Booth. “Especially when it comes to exclusive footage. We’re determined to give our customers unique content for their projects.”

Browse FootageBank clips on Dissolve’s site, and watch them in action in the Recreated showreel.

Dissolve gets three Vimeo Staff Picks in 2014 — using its own stock footage

NEW YORK — Video couldn’t be any hotter as a marketing and brand-building tool. To prove how its video clips can help advertisers create engaging content, stock footage company Dissolve creates self-promotional videos made entirely from its own footage library. The results have been Internet gold, with millions of views and widespread buzz, including three Staff Picks this year from the influential video-sharing site Vimeo.

This Is a Generic Brand Video, a searing critique of advertising cliches, was released in March and has racked up more than 2 million views (on Vimeo and YouTube combined). Emoji Among Us, a David Attenborough-style mockumentary about the trendy picture font, followed to explosive success in July. September saw the release of Scenes You’ve Seen, which hilariously recreates blockbuster movies using only stock clips.

All three were named Vimeo Staff Picks soon after their release and received coverage from popular media outlets such as Boing Boing, Mashable, TIME, and Wired, and ad-industry magazines Adweek, Ad Age, and Digiday.

“When you’re promoting any product, the old adage is show, don’t tell,” says Jon Parker, Brand Director at Dissolve. “Instead of just talking about how good our clips are, we show customers how powerful they can be for driving views, creating buzz, and telling stories.”

Dissolve’s strategy is working. In 18 months, its videos have amassed over 3.1 million views on Vimeo and YouTube. Site traffic increased by 900% when the Generic Brand Video was released, and sales improved 600%.

“We’re becoming known as that stock footage company that makes the cool videos,” says Parker. “But really, it’s about inspiring our customers to make their own. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

Dissolve’s latest video is Advertising Insider!, a fake news spoof about the ad industry.