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November 1, 2016

Dissolve and Co.Create team up for a new round of Scenes You’ve Seen

Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition levels up the challenge in this popular series

Fast Company’s Co.Create and Dissolve today released the first of a three-part collaboration that will unroll over the next month. Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition is a twist on Dissolve’s popular Scenes You’ve Seen series. In addition to guessing the three movies recreated with stock footage from Dissolve, viewers must also guess which actor appeared in all three.

“When we first saw Dissolve’s great ongoing series Scenes You’ve Seen, in which the stock video firm recreates blockbuster movies scenes using clips from its vast collection of stock footage, it was love at first click,” says Jeff Beer of Co.Create. “After a few passionate yet crudely worded fan letters, a carrier pigeon message, three phone calls, and a Google Hangout session, they agreed!”

Game Edition 2 will be released on November 8, and Game Edition 3 on December 6.

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