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Update: Discontinuation of the Liftoff Program

Editor's Note: As of March 15, 2024, Dissolve regrets to announce the discontinuation of the Liftoff program. After several successful years of offering free editing, color correction, and metadata services, the Liftoff program will no longer be available. We sincerely thank all the filmmakers and contributors who have been part of the Liftoff community for their support and creativity.



March 2, 2016

Dissolve introducing its free Liftoff™ program for filmmakers at NAB 2016

Service offers, free editing, color, metadata for exclusive contributors

Stock footage and photography company Dissolve will be introducing its popular Liftoff program to filmmakers at NAB 2016.

Liftoff is designed for busy filmmakers and production companies considering a hassle-free way to get into stock footage licensing — and those who have never considering getting into the stock business. “Many filmmakers have so much footage languishing on hard drives,” says George Georgeadis, manager of products for Dissolve and Liftoff’s creator. “Licensing it as stock is a great way to give that footage new life, plus generate revenue.”

The Liftoff program is available to exclusive contributors who aren’t selling stock footage elsewhere. They simply send Dissolve their hard drives or upload raw footage for review. Dissolve’s production team edits that footage into commercially viable clips, performs color correction and processing, provides keywords and metadata, and publishes the clips to — at no cost.

“Filmmakers love it because they can send us footage they don’t have time to process themselves,” says Georgeadis. “Typically, this is content they’ve already shot for their own projects: documentaries, travelogues, commercial spots, narrative films. In other words: not for stock.”

“Liftoff allows me to focus on doing what I love and do best,” says filmmaker Ryan Bouman. “The team at Dissolve respects my wishes for how my footage is presented and supports me as a filmmaker. It’s a great partnership. I can keep being a creative professional — and have a roof over my head at the same time!”

Liftoff isn’t simply an end-to-end production system for contributors. Starting this summer, clips from the program will be promoted to stock footage buyers under the Liftoff brand name as a premium collection fueled by the passion of its creators. “It’s a great time to join Dissolve and get in on the Liftoff program,” says Georgeadis.

Visit us at NAB
Dissolve will be at booth #C7046 in Central Hall. Attending are Dissolve’s director of products, Aaron Booth, along with George Georgeadis and Lori Burwash, Dissolve’s communications lead.