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March 7, 2017

Dissolve launches Dissolve for a Cause, offering free clips for pro bono projects

Program supports studios and agencies who are fighting bias or raising awareness of worthy causes

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, has launched Dissolve for a Cause, a new program that provides up to $2,500 in free clips for video projects related to charity, awareness, truth, and good. Studios and agencies can apply for the program at

“In our social streams of bubbles and bias, where facts are politicized or denied, and complex issues unfairly simplified, it can be difficult to separate truth from trash,” says Jonathan Parker, Brand Director at Dissolve. “We wanted to do something to help people who are fighting the good fight, by supporting them with professional clips that will enhance their videos, help them tell better stories, and help them get their messages heard by a wider audience.”

To promote Dissolve for a Cause, Dissolve has created its own video, Frame a Better World. The video explores how the combination of words and images can cast shadows of fear, doubt, and otherness — or shine beams of hope, opportunity, and empathy. It explores how labels can be used to stereotype, scapegoat, and charge simple gestures, like taking a knee, with political meaning.


The Dissolve for a Cause program is open to studios and agencies doing unpaid (pro bono) work for registered charities and good causes. Video creators can find out more about the program and apply at Dissolve for a Cause.