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May 18, 2016

Dissolve to add renowned rights-managed photography collections, solidifying premium position in commercial stock image market

Move into rights-managed photography provides greater originality and exclusivity to customers, and an alternative distribution channel to Getty Images for high-end contributors

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, today announced it will add over 50,000 premium rights-managed (RM) commercial photographs to its site at The photos will be live on the site on June 1.

“This move positions Dissolve as one of the few major stock distributors, along with Getty Images, to offer both commercial rights-managed photography and footage,” says Aaron Booth, director of content at Dissolve. “More and more customers are looking for clips and photos they can’t get anywhere else – and that their audience won’t have seen everywhere else – and ones that don’t look like they’re royalty-free or subscription-based.”

Brands represented will include Millennium, contemporary images influenced by fine-art photography; Cultura, lifestyle images with a unique point of view; and Pacific Stock, a nature-focused collection specializing in photography from Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region.

Because these distinctive – often one-of-a-kind – rights-managed photographs may be licensed exclusively (by territory or industry), they’re ideal for uses where something “recognizably stock” would be unacceptable – such as flagship brand collateral like corporate home pages, Fortune 500 advertising campaigns, large outdoor buys, and layouts in major magazines or media outlets. All images are cleared for commercial use. Upon request, Dissolve’s researchers can also provide license history for the images, by industry, medium, and geography, for further competitive peace of mind.

The images may also be licensed for specific uses, such as presentation media or regional use, at a much lower cost.

On the contributor side, this move offers a new major distribution outlet for rights-managed photographers whose assets were left homeless after Visual China Group’s acquisition of Corbis earlier this year. (Other major stock providers, such as Shutterstock and Adobe, do not offer rights-managed images or footage.)

“Though we are launching with collections from established agencies, some of which have been around for decades, we’re open to contributions from individual photographers,” says George Georgeadis, product manager at Dissolve. “We’re keenly interested in speaking with anyone looking to be part of Dissolve’s quality-focused collection.”

After the launch on June 1, the company will continually add curated selections of RM images that adhere to its high standards of topical relevance and aesthetic quality.