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November 10, 2016

Dissolve’s new exclusive stock footage collections draw from the work of professional cinematographers

New house brand collections help video creators more easily discover and license the most stylish and relevant clips by Dissolve’s exclusive contributors

Dissolve, the stock footage and photography provider, today announced the launch of three new premium stock footage collections, Dissolve Filmmaker™, Dissolve Auteur™, and Dissolve Elements™. The clips are available now for licensing and use in movie, TV, and commercial projects.

The Dissolve Filmmaker and Auteur collections gather the most aesthetically original and stylish clips from the company’s exclusive contributors. The Elements collection comprises a broad range of must-have clips to fill to set the scene or fill in story gaps.

The collections compile the output of hundreds of contributors into house brands that embody Dissolve’s standards of originality, quality, and relevance, and make the clips easier to search, browse, and review.

“With so much stock footage on the market, it can be hard for video editors to find clips that are not only topical and relevant, but beautifully shot as well,” says George Georgeadis, content manager at Dissolve. “The Auteur and Filmmaker collections represent the cream of the crop stylistically, while the Elements collection is a go-to scene toolkit for our customers’ most frequent editing needs.”

Two years in the making, the collections grew out of Dissolve’s exclusive contributor program, Liftoff. The Liftoff program was designed to attract professional filmmakers, producers, and cinematographers who have never shot stock or who have no time to review and edit their footage into licensable form. Less than 10% of applicants are accepted.

The Dissolve Filmmaker collection gathers clips representing the pinnacle of commercial appeal. Whether shot handheld or with sophisticated rigs, the clips are unified by exceptional cinematography, art direction, and composition. Subjects and scenes are selected with today’s video storyteller in mind, avoiding clichés while addressing relatable and aspirational lifestyle themes. The collection has launched with over 12,000 clips, 90% of which are royalty-free, and is available now at

The Dissolve Auteur collection presents the most personal, creative, and forward-thinking visions of talented cinematic artists, often with distinctive, signature styles in art direction and camera movement. Inspired by the leading edge of feature films, international fashion, and fine art, these clips can add bold visual impact to high-profile projects. The collection has launched with just over 600 clips – in keeping with its highly curated philosophy, it’s more about quality than quantity. The collection is available now at

The Dissolve Elements collection offers a versatile range of essential clips for busy video editors: establishing shots, landscapes and cityscapes, scenes of nature and wildlife, aerials and timelapses. The collection includes 31,000 royalty-free clips. The collection is available now at