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September 14, 2015

Image-licensing industry veterans of Dissolve expand offering to include photography

Footage licensing company will draw upon experienced leadership to expand its offering into multi-billion dollar market segment

CALGARY — Stock footage provider Dissolve announces it will add royalty-free photography to its creative offering on October 1 of this year. The move comes after two years of steady revenue growth and a burgeoning reputation in the footage-licensing market.

“We’ve helped thousands of production studios and advertising and creative agencies enhance their work with exceptional stock footage,” says Aaron Booth, Director of Products for Dissolve. “Because they’ve been impressed by our quality, selection, and research services, customers have been asking if we license stock photography as well. We’re pleased to announce the addition of photography to complement their video-based work and advertising campaigns.”

Dissolve is well-positioned to have a significant impact in the space, which has a yearly global revenue estimated at between $2.5B and $4.0B. The company was founded by former senior employees of Getty Images, Corbis, and Adobe, who have extensive experience building and marketing stock-image libraries.

The photography category will be launched with more than 200,000 royalty-free stock images. In keeping with Dissolve’s quality-first approach, the collection will consist of premium images from some of the world’s best commercial photo agencies and contributors.

“We’ll be providing high-value photography that our customers frequently request — professionally art-directed lifestyle images, model- and property-released conceptual images, and state-of-the-art scenic, travel, and aerial shots,” says Booth.

Photography on Dissolve will be offered via the existing website at and will leverage the same simple, easy-to-use search interface that’s used for footage. Users may search by subject matter, concept, or contributor. Dissolve will also offer free image research to photo customers — an unusual move in an increasingly self-serve licensing market.

“We’ve made a name for ourselves by offering free research to busy video editors. We speak their language and have the resources to find the clips they need when they simply don’t have time to search for themselves,” says Anne Dawson, Director of Operations. “Since our team also has deep experience in image licensing, we’re looking forward to offering the same level of research for photography.”

The photo contributors will be announced on October 1, with the launch of the photography collection.